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The joy of anticipation - only exceeded by


Our quality guarantee is exactly what the word should always cover : Quality and warranty. That's it .

Jacob Kongsbak Lassen offers quality guarantee from the moment the fish arrives. Quality includes allour processes, eg . hand cut fillets, and the use of clean and enviromentaly sustainable materials . And with the guarantee follows our corporate ethics and years of experience .

Analysis of risk factors

Our work is compliant to the seven principles of HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ) including thorough analysis of the various risk factors , both chemical, physical and biological.

Green Company

We are ISO 14000 certified as a green business. And constantly working to offer the highest standard in sustainable production. In partnership with the company Ragn Sells we recycle 93% of our waste. And has since 2010 fully lived up to the EU's objectives and requirements for quotas on recyclable waste.

State-controlled organic

Many of our products carry the state-controlled red Ø-label to the extent possible..


We are equipped with the Food Administration Elite smiley without commentsin categories such as food handling , cleaning and maintenance . The report is available for download here .

Always 100% fresh delivery

All distribution takes place in modern refrigeration and freezing cars approved by EU standards , guaranteeing always 100 % fresh supply .

Jacob Kongsbak Lassen, Stamhomlen 140 B,
DK-2650 Hvidovre, tlf.: +45 33 79 95 66, e-mail kongsbak-lassen@mail.dk